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Home & Bath Decor with Lace Tissue Toilet Paper Roll Covers

A Decorative Powerhouse

–Can you think of a single home décor accessory so adaptable you can place it in any room, so beautiful it enhances any area, so practical it supports good health, and so economical that it costs less than $10 each?

Lace Tissue Toilet Paper Roll Covers Lace Roll Covers on Sale

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Overall flexibility on the Go….. Not just a great accessory for bath or home décor…, tissue toilet paper rolls with a lace cover are travel-friendly. Tissue toilet paper roll covers can be bent, twisted and even sat on, and retain their shape even while inside the lace roll cover. While you may avoid packing tissue boxes in your luggage due to caving, toilet or tissue rolls travel well, remain fit and are ready to assist you upon your destination. Rolled toilet tissue, even with a lace cover on, takes a fraction of the space a tissue box would take, and since the size of rolled tissue is universal, refilling at your destination is really easy.

Easier to use no-waste Victorian Lace Tissue Toilet Paper Roll Covers have a million uses. No need to figure out how many tissue squares you should pluck, with tissue toilet paper rolls in a lace cover, one easy pull delivers all the tissue you need. In addition to numerous of make-up and personal hygiene uses, blowing your nose curbs colds and keeps your nasal passages clear, promoting good health.

How to use Lace Victorian Tissue Toilet Paper Roll Covers

Remove the middle cardboard tube from your toilet paper roll. (twist slightly)
Pull tissue gently from the middle of the toilet paper roll.
Insert toilet paper roll inside the lace cover and pull tissue through the tissue opening.

Gift Idea

Ever wrestle trying to figure out what to give someone as a gift? Victorian lace tissue toilet paper roll covers make a wonderful and practical gift to family members, teachers, supervisors and neighbors. Favorite gift uses include:

  • a house warming gift
  • a thank you gift to a teacher
  • a desk enhancement for your supervisor
  • a chic addition to a special person’s vanity or bathroom
  • a house decorating inspiration gift
  • a wonderful gift for a future bride or bride’s family that can be enjoyed during that exceptional day.

Check out our convenient sets that include a Victorian Lace Tissue Box Cover and a Victorian Lace Tissue Toilet Paper Roll Cover

One-of-a-kind distinctive home décor accessory

Victorian lace tissue toilet paper roll covers, hide, decorate and dispense tissue toilet paper in good taste. Keep your wallpaper and walls intact! Victorian lace tissue toilet paper roll covers are portable and dispense tissue toilet paper without the need of using wall screws to hold a dispenser. Simply place anywhere you wish in the bathroom.

Save Money

Victorian lace tissue toilet paper roll covers are an unbeatable economical value. Did you know that rolled toilet tissue paper can be of equal use as any tissue box for a fraction of the cost? While tissue boxes retail for about $ 1.50 each box, rolled toilet tissue paper costs about .40 cents a roll. One roll of toilet tissue offers the same services as one box of tissue paper for less than half the cost. Because of their 475-500 sheets, they also last about 35% longer.

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