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The Victorian Era, between the years of 1837 and 1901, was a period in our history marked by the flourishing of artistic ideas and creativity. Often referred to as the Reinaissance number two, this era showed a particular affinity for romantic home decor, often called victoriana, and distinctive lace fashion accessories.

Are you looking for a versatile, romantic, home decor accent that adds elegance to your home? Explore the many uses of romantic lace tissue box covers and lace roll covers. Did you know that romantic chic style of decorating has been around for as long as "civilization" has found its way into our history books? Lace fashions and lace accessories were often part of the lives of kings, queens and nobels, adding unique elegance to countless banquets and weddings, still making its mark after so many years. Romantic decorating with lace has been a favorite throughout human history.

Visit our Blog for informative articles and news on the Victorian Era and romantic home decor. With today's simple and practical lace accessories, decorating your home victorian romantic style has never been easier...

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